About Stats by Numbers

What is Stats by Numbers?

Stats by Numbers is a website devoted to advanced basketball statistics. We compile basketball statistics and find better ways to sort and search them. You can currently find information for statistics from the 2009-2010 Post Season; however, after the playoffs finish, the 2009-2010 Regular Season stats will also be added.

What stats can I find? What unique information do you have?

The main features of the site are being able to view statistics by their subtype and view them over a variety of different periods.

What does the Set Date button do in the stattables? How does changing the date affect the stats?

The date allows you to go back and look at the statistics as they stood on that particular date. This is useful on the Day range to give you the stats for a particular date. It is also useful if you want to look up the statistics of a player as they stood on a given date. (Think settling a bet with friends "Remember when J.R. Smith led Q4 scoring on the post season?")

How do I find stats for a certain set of conditions?

The stattables allow you to sort by the following sets of conditions:

Just click any of the links next to the Group, Type, Subtype, Rate, Range, or Period of any of the stattables. To sort by a particular stat, just click its name at the top of the table. Click it again to toggle between ascending and descending.

How does the Player, Player-Starter, Player-Bench affect the stats for a player?

An example would be Glen Davis for the 2009-2010 Post Season. Davis came off the bench for game 1 against Miami; however, with Kevin Garnett sidelined, he moved moved into the starting linueup for game 2. In game 3, he was back to coming off the bench. In the course of these games, he scored the following point totals: Total - 3 Games | 35 Pts, 11.7 Pts per Game
Starter - 1 Game | 23 Pts, 23.0 Pts per Game
Bench - 2 Games | 12 Pts, 6.0 Pts per Game

How do I contact Stats by Numbers?

Please send any questions, feedback, or other inquiries to support@statsbynumbers.com. Thanks!

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