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Returning For The NBA 2012-2013 Season

Written By Bobby Oster

Welcome to the new and improved Stats by Numbers, returning for the NBA 2012-2013 season. If you haven’t noticed or are new to the site, it has undergone a dramatic change over the course of the last week. Since I’m both a fan and the developer of the site, I’ll break down what is going on with an imaginary conversation between myself and…myself:

Updated Teams Page

The updated team selection page, returning for the 2012-2013 season.

Fan Bobby: “WTF! You took all the stats off the site and made it useless!”

Developer Bobby: “I know, that sucks. I’m sorry – but it’s a change that is necessary to get the site ready for the new season! You want new stats right?”

Fan Bobby: “Yea, new stats would be nice. Not updating the site over the last couple years was pretty whack. Is it going to be easier to find stuff?”

Developer Bobby: “That is definitely the goal of the new site – to deliver more stats in a more meaningful way. There are still going to be a bunch of different splits like starter versus bench statistics, and you’ll also be able to view the stats by different periods like just 1st half assists or 4th quarter scoring.”

Fan Bobby: “I liked it before but it was way too complicated to get to anything so I mainly looked at the box scores, play by plays, and leaderboards.  Are you still going to have those?”

Developer Bobby: “Those were some of the most popular pages and they will be coming back in a new improved visual form. The most important part to getting those pages working is getting the data up to date.”

Fan Bobby: “What’s the deal with that? It isn’t exactly the 2009-2010 playoffs anymore – why haven’t there been any updates to the site?”

Developer Bobby: “Since all of the statistics that are presented on Stats by Numbers are generated using our own basketball game simulator technology that tracks and calculates stats, it can be a difficult task keeping the data up to date. That is going to change as there is now a new system for data acquisition and processing that is going into effect this season. Using the new system, the plan is to have game data available the following morning after the games occur.”

Fan Bobby: “Wow, that sounds great and very complicated!”

Developer Bobby: “It is. We’ll see how well it works and it will continue to evolve as the season goes on. The other major change is that the only range that will be tracked for rankings for the time being are: daily and season.”

Fan Bobby: “That’s all I really cared about anyway, the other ones-”

Developer Bobby: “-will be coming back. They haven’t gone forever, they have just been put on the back burner until the data is updated consistently and daily. The number one priority is being able to process new games on a daily basis.”

Fan Bobby: “Alright, that seems like a reasonable goal. So what is there new now?”

Developer Bobby: “Did you see that the Nets moved to Brooklyn and changed their colors to black and white. They’re now the only two color team in the league! You can still see all the pretty colors from the team history on their page.”

Fan Bobby: “So that’s it? Pretty colors.”

Developer Bobby: “I’m trying here. I did add the blog and will continue to add more content as it gets finished.”

Fan Bobby: “Okay, what’s next? Something good right – not some paint swatches.”

Developer Bobby: “Next up is the complete list of stats!”

Fan Bobby: “Given your rate of updates, I’m not holding my breath. I’ll believe when I see it.”

Developer Bobby: “No, really! It’s coming soon.”

Fan Bobby: “You have one week before I start getting impatient.”

Developer Bobby: “Fair enough.”

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